Unique Dog Collars From Paws Pet Boutique

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catch of the day fish (2)“Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses,” quoth Elizabeth Taylor—presumably an expert on men (both the leading ones and the ones that would simply follow her around).  If you feel similarly, why not show Rin Tin Tin (or Fluffy or Fido) the star treatment he deserves? After all, you put time and effort into looking your best—don’t you want the little guy on the end of your leash to look just as good?

Paws Pet Boutique carries high quality treats and accessories for pets and their owners—with an emphasis on eco-friendly products and products made here in the U.S. Their collection of unique dog collars though, is really unbeatable. With seemingly infinite patterns and themes, you can give your dog the perfect flair for any occasion or personality—gingham for a picnic outing or nautical flags for a day on the Bay. And these aren’t Paris Hilton-style over-the-top diamond studded affairs—they’re simple, but classy, and perfect for conveying your pet’s distinct personality.

Paws Pet Boutique is located at 64 State Circle in Annapolis. However, if you can’t make the trip, visit www.pawspetboutique.com where all of their collars (and much more!) are available.

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