Unique Fitness Classes at BeachFit Baltimore

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Fitness Classes

catch of the day fish (2)If you’re looking to make sure you’re in super shape for beach season, doesn’t it make sense to turn to folks who have the word “beach” in their name? BeachFit Baltimore is a new, and totally unique fitness studio founded by two women who are serious about health, fitness, and helping Baltimoreans sculpt super-buff, climb-a-mountain-with-your-bare-hands-and-then-go-surfing-afterward bodies in a fun, energizing setting. They’ve just opened, and their schedule is jam packed with so many different classes, you’re sure to find something that suits your fitness goals, your personal style, and your busy schedule.

Founders Maggie and Ali believe in the power of fun, and that fun should be paired with providing workouts that are balanced, efficient, motivating, and inspiring. And that’s just what you need to stick with a workout plan long enough to see results. The format of their classes is predictable enough that you can know what to expect, but they keep it fresh by mixing it up with new routines and challenges to keep you motivated. With classes like SurfSet (super cardio that uses a surf board to simulate the athleticism of surfing) and PiYo (all the benefits and of yoga, but without having to stay still!) BeachFit Baltimore is truly offering a blast of freshness to the Baltimore fitness scene.

BeachFit Baltimore is located at 1400 Aliceanna Street in Baltimore. For more information about membership and classes, visit www.beachfitbaltimore.com.

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