Unique Gifts at the BMA’s Pop-Up Holiday Shop

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BMA PopUp SHop

catch of the day fish (2)So… in keeping with our “no stress, no procrastination” holiday resolution, we’re rolling out the holiday shopping tip-offs early and often. More and more, it’s getting difficult to find those truly unique gifts that elicit that wonderful “where on Earth you find this?” But luckily, here in Baltimore we’ve still got plenty of well-kept secrets, and our city-wide flair for the off-beat stands us in good stead when it’s time for gift shopping. Starting out on the high-culture end of things, we’re recommending that you swing by the BMA’s Holiday Pop-Up Shop. The shop is already open, and well-stocked with gorgeous cards, jewelry, accessories, and, of course, art objects.

The BMA’s Pop-Up Shop is a great destination for any shopper, but it’s super-extra-double-bonus-awesome if you happen to be a member. Though members receive a 10% discount at the museum’s gift shop year-round, they enjoy a 20% discount when they shop between November 29 and December 1. Know a really smart and creative kid who doesn’t go for the usual toys and games? The shop carries all manner of (secretly) educational kits and activities like Master Sculpz: Let’s Explore Surrealism. The kit includes 90 organic shapes in seven different colors that fit together in all kinds of ways for endless creative building options. And it’s a lot less messy than you know, melting clocks.

The BMA’s Holiday Pop-Up Shop is located inside the Baltimore Museum of Art and is open Wednesday–Friday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. and Saturday–Sunday, 11 a.m.–6 p.m.. For more information, visit www.artbma.org. Shopping can also be done online.

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