V Fashion Towson/My Town Art Gallery Opens in Ruxton

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My Town Art
“Charm City” lithograph by Patrick Reid O’Brien

catch of the day fish (2)A love of fashion and a love of art often go hand in hand. After all, it’s all about aesthetics, taste, and an appreciation of all that makes the world a beautiful place to live. Whether we’re dressing up ourselves or the walls of our homes, we’re striving to bring a bit of eye candy to the day-to-day. And we’re always eagerly looking for places to find new treasures. Which is why we’re oh-so excited about the opening of V Fashion Towson/My Town Art Gallery. Yeah, the name is a mouthful, but mostly you’ll just be saying, “oooooooh….ahhhhh” when you step inside. And that’s pretty easy.

V Fashion Towson/My Town Art is Baltimore’s newest gallery and retailer, and is the exclusive home to Patrick Reid O’Brien’s My Town Art lithographs and canvases. Besides simply art, the shop also features fun, trendy accessories including jewelry, handbags, scarves and more. They’re all collected by O’Brien’s wife, Valerie Heneberry. O’Brien is a nationally recognized (but Baltimore-based!) artist who has one of the fastest selling collections in the country. His work pays homage to the golden age of travel, memories of time spent with family and other iconic imagery with a sensibility that recalls old-time advertisements and classic illustrations. So whether you’re on the hunt for some personal dazzle or a new canvas for the collection, be sure to scope out this new hotspot before everyone else gets the scoop.

V Fashion Towson/My Town Art Gallery is located at 1515 La Belle Ave in Ruxton. For more information, visit www.mytownart.com.

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  1. Pat, so proud of you. Had no idea that this is what you have been doing. Wish we lived closer so could see all of your wonderful things. Can we access it on FB or a website? Take care and congratulations to you!!!!!

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