Vegan Halloween Treats from Charm School Chocolates

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Charm School Chocolates

catch of the day fish (2)When we think of all the scariest Halloween images, we usually imagine zombies, witches, ghosts, vampires, mummies, and sexy pretty-much-anything. But what we think is really scary is the potential of a chocolate-less Halloween. Imagine the horror! Whether you’re allergic to dairy, or maintain a vegan diet for other reasons, nixing the milk can mean a harder time finding exciting chocolates that are as creamy and indulgent as those you remember dumping out of your loot bag as a trick-or-treater. But luckily, Baltimore is home to Charm School Chocolates—makers of some of the finest (vegan) treats around.

Charm School Chocolates makes vegan (that is, no animal products of any kind) chocolate all year round. But since Halloween is one of chocolate’s big days, they’ve of course got some specialty items that they’ve rolled out for the occasion. Our top pick: The Lost in the Maize bar. It’s “devilishly dark” at 65% cocoa, with crunchy corn bits mixed in. Of course, tastes this good aren’t just reserved for those who can’t have milk; they’ve won over many a non-vegan. But be careful—try to sneak a bite of your friend’s bar and you could likely find yourself in a scary situation.

Charm School Chocolates are available at select stores around Baltimore. For more information, visit

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