Vegan Sweets from Charm School Chocolates

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Charm School Chocolates

catch of the day fish (2)Valentines Day is of course the day we go all out to show our love for those special people in our lives. But how about making it extra special by not just saying, “I’m thinking of you,”  but also “I’m thinking of all our furry and feathered friends” or “I’m thinking of your intolerance for lactose”? Pretty romantic, right? But in all seriousness, a gift from Charm School Chocolates cannot fail to wow. The young, Baltimore-based confectionery makes all of its chocolates without the use of any animal products (and many are even soy-free, as well). Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, but with a few dietary restrictions as well.

Charm School Chocolates first caught our eye when its founder, Josh Rosen, kicked non-vegan butt on the Food Network’s competition Sweet Genius. Since then, we’ve been sure to follow (and taste) every fabulous creation that comes out of Charm School Chocolates. Their truly unique offerings are delicious by any standard—and are special enough to be truly memorable as gifts. And when you make your Valentines Day chocolate purchase a vegan one, it’s not just “sweets for the sweet”—it’s “sweets for the sweet, by the sweet.” In other words, everybody wins.

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