Venomous Snakes Seized from Maryland Pet Lover

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That's a spitting cobra.
That’s a spitting cobra.

Agents from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources found themselves forced to invoke the state statute that prohibits citizens from owning cobras and rattlesnakes this week.

In Crespatown, DNR received a tip about three venomous snakes in the home of John Paul Stosick. They got a warrant and made entry, finding three snakes: a West African spitting cobra, a monocled cobra and a timber rattlesnake.

Agents also learned that Stosick owned Daddieo’s pet shop in Cumberland. Upon searching that location, they found about a dozen corn snakes. While this species prefers suffocating its prey to poisoning, Stosick was unable to slither away from the law. Corn snakes require a permit to sell, which he lacked.

The snakes were taken to Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo.


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