Victoria Taylor Brining Blends at E.N. Olivier

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Victoria Taylor at E.N. Olivier in Baltimore

Way back in September, we got really excited about E.N. Olivier—the brand new food boutique that specializes in flavored and artisanal olive oils and vinegars. Now that Thanksgiving is a scant few days away, we thought we should revisit this new local treasure to see how E.N. Olivier could help us create an amazing turkey. Predictably, they’ve got just the stuff in stock to help ensure that your bird will be unique, delicious, and memorable. If you’re dedicated to brining your turkey, be sure to swing by E.N. Olivier to pick up (at least) one of Victoria Taylor’s Brining Blends.

Victoria Taylor specializes in gourmet spice blends all year round. But right now you can pick up one of the company’s famous brining blends (Spicy, Traditional, Asian, and Smoky) at E.N. Olivier. The shop also carries the Victoria Taylor Holiday Spice Blend, which is perfect for gravy, stuffing, and plenty of other recipes that the folks at E.N. Olivier can let you know about. All of this is to say, whether you’re struggling to figure out how you’re going to make this year’s turkey top last year’s, or just setting out doing the turkey yourself for the first time, Victoria Taylor spices and brining blends (and the accompanying advice and extra goodies you’ll find at E.N. Olivier) might be just what you need.

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