Vineyard Vines Goes for the O’s

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Vineyard Vines Club Belt Baltimore Orioles

So, it turns out you can’t show up to work with your entire face and chest painted orange with a giant “O” in the middle of your chest. You can’t even show up in your super-chic orange and black ski mask with bird eyes on it. And business casual can be difficult to pull off in a strictly orange-and-black color palette. So how on Earth are we supposed to show our love for the Orioles on those days when we’re stuck in the office instead of the stands? Surely there’s a way to keep that fire burning, no? Isn’t that what fandom is all about?

Enter Vineyard  Vines’ new Orioles Club Belts (yeah, okay, they also have belts for other cities’ teams, but just ignore all those). The belts are perfectly classy, in a traditional style, while still letting everyone around know where you stand. So you can wear it all week and then of course bust out the body paint on the weekends. We wouldn’t expect anything less.

Vineyard Vines’ Orioles Club Belts are available through or at Cohen’s Clothiers in Yorktown Plaza, Cockeysville.

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