Visit the MICA Haunted House for Halloween

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catch of the day fish (2)Those kids over at MICA are known for creating some amazingly beautiful stuff and some amazingly weird stuff. But since 2009, a dedicated group of them have also committed to making some amazingly scary stuff– at least for Halloween. And so the MICA Haunted House Club is proud to bring us the 2014 MICA Haunted House. It’s the only one in Baltimore City, apparently and is a pretty large scale, intricately detailed, immersive, and genuinely horrifying haunted house. This year, they’ve apparently even upped their game–so who knows what horrors lie in store?

Here’s how they put it: When you journey into the world these folks have built for you, you’ll find yourself in a once-sleepy agrarian town turned on its head. No one feels safe. Livestock run restless, and children and farmhands wander into cornfields, never to be seen again. Soon, you become one of them, frantically finding your way back down to Earth through over 20 rooms of non-stop extraterrestrial terror! Halfway through, you might be faced with the question: If I could escape… where would I run to?

And while most of us would rather not have to contemplate a question like that, maybe once a year it’s nice to have a good scare. And who better to make that magic happen than the young and uber-creative over at MICA?

The MICA Haunted House is open Thursday, Oct 30 – Saturday, Nov 1. Admission is $10, $4 for MICA students and staff. It will be located at 1601 W. Mount Royal Ave in Baltimore. For more information, visit

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