Watch Out for This New E-ZPass Scam

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E-ZPass scam
Also, would E-ZPass really put “arrears” in a subject line?

The Maryland Transportation Authority is warning drivers of an E-ZPass scam (and I’m not talking about the one where you go to the trouble of getting E-ZPass and it ends up taking you even longer to go through tolls).

There’s an email scam going around in which you (who may or may not even own car) receive a message that appears to be from “E-ZPass Info” or “E-ZPass Customer Service.” The email informs you that your account is in arrears and directs you to pay online.

It looks fairly official, but the language is subtly off. In an email found by Virginia’s E-ZPass program, the sender misuses the present tense: “You have not paid for driving on a toll road. This invoice is sent repeatedly.”

I can’t imagine any native English speaker saying “this invoice is sent repeatedly” when he means “this invoice has been sent repeatedly.” Not to mention the sender doesn’t seem to understand how E-ZPass actually works.

Anyway, delete the emails, and don’t click anything. E-ZPass communicates by mail!

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