Watch O’Malley’s Face Twitch Uncontrollably When Asked About the Clinton Email Scandal

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O'Malley Criticizes Obama's War Plan’s recap of Martin O’Malley’s Morning Joe appearance yesterday is titled “With an eye on 2016, Martin O’Malley takes a jab at Clinton,” but it was more like a light tap. The closest O’Malley got to criticizing his presumptive Democratic primary rival was his promise that, as president, “sure, it would be important to [him]” for his secretary of state to follow the email rules.

He was plenty hesitant and self-deprecating as he pivoted away from question after question being fired at him about Hillary Clinton’s email habits from the Morning Joe crew. But it was nothing compared to the facial-muscle battle royale he experienced when fielding a similar question at the Brookings Institute a day earlier.

If I were one of those people who believe that most of our politicians are reptilian shapeshifters whose illusive human form becomes harder to maintain when they experience stress, this would be my Exhibit A for O’Malley:

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