Watch SNL Spoof O’Malley in Opening Sketch

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Taran Killam as Martin O'Malley
Taran Killam as Martin O’Malley

As is their legal obligation, Saturday Night Live opened their show with a send-up of the first Democratic presidential debate. And of course, our own Martin O’Malley got lampooned along with the rest of them.

Taran Killam, who nailed a Donald Trump impression two weeks ago, was less impressive playing O’Malley, but his opening statements cut to the quick.

“Hello. I’m Martin O’Malley. This is what my voice sounds like. This is what my face looks like,” Killam said. “When I was mayor of Baltimore I did such a good job they made two TV shows about my city: Homicide and The Wire.”

The meat of the sketch, as you would expect, concerned Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (played perfectly by Larry David), but O’Malley took another jab as the candidates delivered their closing statements.

“America, let me just say this: I may not have been much to listen to tonight…,” Killam trailed off. “Oh sorry, no, that’s all. You can cut away.”

That one’s kind of a miss, if you ask me. O’Malley may have been a third wheel in the debate, but he was nothing if not something to listen to. He bawled out Sanders over gun control. He brought up the Glass-Steagall Act, forcing Clinton into a tortured defense of her opposition to the measure which formerly separated commercial banks from securities firms. He called out DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. For a second-tier candidate polling near zero, he managed to talk an awful lot. (Not that it seems to have helped him so far.)

Watch the whole sketch here:

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