Watching the FIFA World Cup at Slainte

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FIFA at Slainte

catch of the day fish (2)Even if you’re not usually a soccer fan, you’d have to be living under a rock to not hear the now constant buzz about the FIFA World Cup. It lasts through mid-July for a month of brutal and riveting games that pit country against country in the sport that America loves to ignore, but that every other nation on Earth just plain loves. So, if you feel like stepping outside of our national comfort zone just a wee bit to get in on the action and see what all the world-wide hype is about, you may just need the right bar in which to eat, drink, watch, and yell at the screen. The consensus: Slainte Irish pub is the best place in the state where you can do exactly that.

Slainte proudly declares that it’s a place “where soccer is religion.” Perhaps that means that Guinness is their communion wine? Regardless of what you’re drinking, Slainte has food and drink specials all week (and day) long. Not only that—between their 18 (yes, 18) HD TVs featuring literally every soccer channel, you can catch any and every FIFA match you want. And since you’ll invariably be surrounded by diehard soccer fans rooting for their favorite teams and players, you’re bound to get swept up in the thrill of the beautiful game yourself.

Slainte Irish Pub & Restaurant is located at 1700 Thames Street in Baltimore. For more information, or to see their daily specials and game schedules, visit

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