Wednesday Afternoon Links: Berger Cookies Saved! Suspicious Colleague Reported Levy; Woman Killed in Reisterstown Crash and more

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Sequester Deadline Looms…What’s the latest? – Baltimore Business Journal

Berger Cookies Food License Approved – Baltimore Sun

Suspicious Colleague Reported Levy, Hopkins Dean says – Baltimore Sun

Woman Killed in Crash by Suicidal Man In Reisterstown – Baltimore Sun

Health Workers Seeking Cause in Hopkins Keswick Illness – Washington Post

Should Baltimore’s Central Business District be Redefined? ¬†Real Estate Brokerage Firm Cassidy Turley Thinks So – BBJ

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    • The man had intended to commit suicide, but unintentionally committed a homicide. Maybe a headline that conveyed that detail would have been a better?

      Thanks for your comment.

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