Week in Review: 11 Baltimore Stories You Might’ve Missed

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nfl_ringts_600x400The best way to Protect this House is to know what’s in it. The Week in Review provides a quick overview of happenings you might have missed:

Ex-Ravens player Jamal Lewis sold his Super Bowl ring after filing for bankruptcy.
Whole Foods finally let it slip: They’re moving to a bigger spot in Harbor East.
Speaking of making things official: Ben Carson was formally labelled an extremist. But the label didn’t even make it to the weekend.
Thrillist provided a list of bars that make getting drunk in Baltimore worth it.
Meg Fielding found out what inspires local artist Liza Hathaway Matthews.
What household items are going to poison you? McKay Jenkins explains in this week’s Big Fish.
Larry Hogan has had a couple of weeks to settle in after offending everyone on his first few days in office. Let’s find out what Marylanders think of him now.
There’s a new eat spot with burgers and poutine in town, and it’s right next to the Senator Theatre!
Whiplash is a great movie, but, spoiler alert: It’s not entirely true to life. Art teacher Ron Tanner writes the wrongs.
Check out this hidden gem of a house in the Greenspring Valley, while the farmland’s still off in the view.
Under Armour lives by its motto, “Protect This House.” The latest alleged intruder is Skechers.

Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Technical.ly Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.

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