Weekly Lean Protein Baskets from Friends & Farms

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Friends and Farms

catch of the day fish (2)As though Friends & Farms wasn’t already awesome enough, they’re now going above and beyond with their latest offering: a weekly grocery basket focused on lean protein. “We’ve been working on this basket for some time and we’re thrilled to finally make it available to the public. It’s been a long time coming,” says Friends & Farms co-founder, Philip Gottwals. The launch of the Lean Protein Basket is part of the company’s goal to appeal to a broader audience and offer even more options for those looking to eat whole, local foods—which is what Friends and Farms is all about.

If you’re not familiar with Friends & Farms, you should be. The service offers weekly grocery baskets to be picked up at various locations around the state. You choose your basket based on your dietary needs—vegetarian, omnivore, gluten free, whatever. They’ve got your number; particularly with the addition of the Lean Protein Basket, which includes all of the fresh produce, local dairy and bread in the omnivore’s basket, but with replaces the red meat items with additional seafood and free-range poultry. And of course, it’s all locally produced—supporting small farmers and sustainable agriculture. The bottom line: if you’re hoping to make this year one of healthier, and more localized eating (everyone’s still totally on top of their New Year’s resolutions, right?), Friends & Farms just made it that much easier.

To find out more about Friends & Farms, or to sign up for a weekly basket, visit www.friendsandfarms.com.

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