We’ve Conquered the Super Bowl…Orioles’ Spring Training, Anyone?

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Spring Training

catch of the day fish (2)We get that the whole Super Bowl thing isn’t over yet. There’s still the Ravens’ arrival back home later today and of course the big victory parade tomorrow. We know. We’ll be there. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t take full advantage of this moment of collective civic enthusiasm to say: What about the O’s?? Spring training starts later this month (giving you a good couple weeks to recoup and book your travel plans). And personally, we’re hoping that the Ravens’ hard won success (remember how much of a coup that game against the Patriots seemed not so long ago?) can translate into a little extra enthusiasm for the Orioles when baseball season starts this year. Maybe we’re on a streak, right? Maybe this is just the beginning! Or maybe we could just use a few days in the Florida sun…

The Orioles’ spring training games begin February 23rd at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Florida. Sure, Ed Smith might not have the old-fashioned charm of Camden Yards, but it’s got February temperatures that we just can’t compete with. And since you’re just there to cheer (not to train) you can recap each game from the comfort of your beach towel while you soak up some rays at the nearby beach. And really, you deserve it. You’ve had a long, hard season of cheering for the Ravens and you deserve the chance to unwind. You can make your own arrangements, or book one of the official travel packages offered by the league (you might want to opt for this—not only are the deals good, you also get the chance to meet the players). But book ‘em soon. These will likely sell out fast, now that we’re all high on victory.

For more information about Orioles spring training, visit www.baltimore.orioles.mlb.com.

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