What Happens in Vegas… Goes to Md. to Brand MGM Nat’l Harbor

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Okay, I butchered it. Las Vegas’s extremely popular, frequently misremembered tourism slogan is actually “What Happens Here, Stays Here.” According to the Baltimore Business Journal, the firm that dreamed up that campaign is going to help brand MGM National Harbor in Prince George’s County.

R&R Resources (based in D.C.) and R&R Partners (based in Las Vegas) will help to craft an “exciting” slogan and marketing strategy that presents them “as differentiated from the other products in the area, but also as a great new asset to the whole area.”

Just so you know, the casino resort, which is being built for $1.3 billion, already has a temporary slogan: “Building Excitement.” And R&R are serious professionals, here. So if late in 2016 (when MGM National Harbor is expected to open) you notice that slogan simply been replaced with “Built Excitement,” you will know something has gone terribly wrong.




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