What If Baltimore’s Vacant Industrial Sites Were Transformed Into… Industrial Sites?

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Some city groups have hit upon a novel use for Baltimore’s vacant industrial buildings — industry, but on a smaller scale.


Baltimore Heritage, Housing Policy Watch, and the city’s planning department have been pitching 35 rundown buildings in Southwest Baltimore as potential “makers spaces,” manufacturing sites where several small businesses share space and equipment.


According to CityLab, the groups have already got a few specific ideas. Like an incubator for small-scale apparel manufacturers, or one for businesses that make useful things out of waste products, or one for craft food and beverage makers.


It certainly sounds more sustainable than turning them all into, say, luxury loft apartments, and if we are to believe Ilana Preuss of Recast City, it’s an idea that has already worked elsewhere.

So i’m for it, even if we have to use words like “makers spaces” and “incubators.”

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  1. So go ahead and use those words it will help to reframe Baltimore’s self image and connect it with current industrial and social trends…as referenced in the NYT, Fast Company etc

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