White Marsh Outlet Mall Approved Despite Neighbors’ Qualms

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White Marsh Outlet Mall
Thank goodness someone is finally developing White Marsh. Via Paragonoutlets.com

Traffic, flooding, stormwater runoff, crime, overcrowded schools. If those don’t exactly sound like White Marsh problems (except for traffic), just wait until Paragon Outlets builds a new 500,000 square-foot outlet mall and residential complex at the junction of I-95 and Route 43. At least, that’s what the locals are saying.

Every one of those concerns and more was brought up during an eight-day administrative hearing on the development project. And yet, despite potentially hurling White Marsh into the Third World*, Baltimore County Administrative Judge John E. Beverungen approved the projects plans, with a few conditions. They’ve got to follow updated stormwater-control protocol, and the main sign can only be so high, “so” being 75 feet.

According to the Baltimore Sun, White Marsh Mall representatives predict a 15-percent decline in sales after the outlet mall is built.


*: Don’t get me wrong, I’m as grumpy about this as the next person, and those concerns may very well be legitimate. It’s just seeing them all grouped together like that creates a truly dystopian vision.

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