After Win, Pugh Gets Place in National Media’s Mayoral Coverage

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PughPurpleLeading into Tuesday’s primary, the national media was primarily focused on DeRay Mckesson. After winning, presumptive mayor-elect Catherine Pugh also earned a place in the coverage. Here are links to a few takes:

With the election occurring on the same week as the anniversary of Freddie Gray’s funeral, The New Yorker’s Benjamin Wallace-Wells juxtaposes the scenes of protest with the politicians in Pugh’s ads. “Pugh was a candidate not of “the uprising,” nor of “the riots,” but of the local consensus represented by the idea of “the unrest.” The state senator was often at Pennsylvania and North avenues during the insurrection, a formal figure amid chaos, present and listening.”

Writing in Slate, Rachel M. Cohen takes that idea a step further, in a headline that says Pugh “doesn’t want to talk about race.” She writes, “almost every major issue facing the city today is a racial one. Not even a PR professional like Pugh can expect to avoid that.”

New York Times David Carr fellow Greg Howard was correct in his previous headline, which said, “DeRay Mckesson won’t be elected mayor of Baltimore.” He spends a chunk of the post-election article on Mckesson, too. Of Pugh, he makes another bold statement, writing, “The city is in such need of radical change that each mayoral candidate campaigned on being the only leader who could provide it. It’s worth stating here then that Pugh is almost certainly not that agent of change.”



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