Ease Regulations on Wineries and Food Trucks, Maryland Commission Says

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Cylburn Market Food TrucksA commission tasked by Gov. Larry Hogan with looking at economic regulations in the state released its first set of recommendations on Wednesday. Along with a sweeping call to “Restructure and Reform State Government,” the commission called for looks at licensing and review processes. Like you, the commission also considered wineries and food trucks.

The report states that commission members heard from winemakers and food truck operators who reported over-regulation. At vineyards, there are hurdles to selling wine and cheese onsite, and it sounds like the regulations were written for diners. From the report:

Evidently, because of regulations promulgated by the Department of Agriculture and the Health Department, wine and (hard) cheese could not be served to the public on the premises unless special equipment was installed for draining oils from grilled cheese – even though the cheese was not being grilled.

By oils, do they mean grease?

Meanwhile, food truck owners reported unnecessary requirements, and exorbitant costs for inspections. And, there are certain roads they can’t go down, literally.

Finally, current state regulations prohibit the sale of food on state roads, but contain exclusions that allow for certain foods and certain other commodities to be sold, such as seafood and flowers.

The Commission requests that the regulations be “reviewed and revised.”

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