Winter Break Fun at Port Discovery

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Port Discovery Winter Fun

catch of the day fish (2)How quickly cries of “Hooray! Winter break!” can change into an endless loop of “I’m boooooored”s. Now that the extended family has gone, the presents are opened, and Santa is back to his 364-day hibernation, suddenly, it seems, there is nothing to do. Not, of course, that the kids wish school was in session. Anything but that. And yet, we don’t exactly have the stuff for days spent snow-shoeing and building snowmen. Thankfully, the Port Discovery Children’s Museum hears our (or our kids’) cries. Through January 1st, the museum is offering daily activities geared at keeping kids entertained and engaged while we wait for school to start up again.

Port Discovery’s winter break activities generally run from 10am until the early afternoon. The activities have names such as Jazzy Snowflakes, Pop Up Science, Winter Science, Holiday Drum Circus, and Wildlife Adventure. If the kids want in on New Year’s Eve celebrations, that can also be arranged. Port Discovery is holding a grand kid-oriented bash on December 31st—complete with DJs, noisemaker-making, and even yoga (not exactly traditional, but we’ll take it). So next time the kids say, “I’m bored” and your response of “you could clean your room,” doesn’t meet with the expected enthusiasm, maybe make Port Discovery plan B.

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