We Wrongly Released a Murder Suspect, but We Got Him Back!

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Wrongly released murder suspect Rodriguez Purnell back in custody

It’s not yet clear exactly how Rodriguez Purnell, charged with murder, was mistakenly released from custody, beyond the Department of Corrections admitting to a “lapse in release procedures.”

But lucky for them, Purnell didn’t go very far. In fact, authorities found him Thursday evening “just blocks away from the scene of the murder he’s charged in, which is just feet from his last known home address.” Particularly lucky considering the suspect was gone two full days before anyone at the prison knew he was missing.

According to WJZ, it’s possible that Purnell will face additional charges for his mistaken release. Hmm. So far, this kinda sounds like it’s on the Department of Corrections. I mean, what it he be charged with? Failure to self-incarcerate?


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