WSJ Says Minority Residents Would Do Better to Leave Baltimore

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baltimore-vacantsWall Street Journal columnist William McGurn has an idea for poor African Americans in Baltimore: move South.

In Monday’s “Main Street” column, McGurn referred to two studies to support his recommendation. One found that a poor child’s economic prospects increase when his parents move to a better neighborhood. (Makes sense to me!) It also “identifie[d] Baltimore as the city where the odds are most stacked against a child’s escaping poverty.”

The other found that 13 of the 15 best cities for African Americans are in the (implicitly conservative) American South.

After a few paragraphs of progressive bashing, McGurn concedes that the second study “does list Baltimore among the places where blacks do relatively well.” But he points to a stark difference between the situation in the suburbs, where the economy is aided by government jobs, and that in the inner city.

That point is followed by a novel explanation of Baltimore’s population decline since 1960 and some explanation-free delight in the fact that the Southern city of Atlanta rates as “the best city for black Americans.”


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  1. WSJ probably doesn’t have much of a black readership base, I would assume African American Baltimoreans’s were not the intended readers, and the article was meant to appeal to whites.

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