Yoga Storytelling for Kids at Everyman

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Yoga Storytelling

catch of the day fish (2)We’ll admit, when we first saw that Everyman Theatre was offering a yoga and storytelling series, we immediately got excited, thinking it was for adults. After all, we love yoga— and how fit, relaxed, and overall healthy it makes us. But we’re also big fans of storytelling– which is enjoying a renaissance thanks to phenomena like The Moth and The Stoop. So, needless to say we were a tad bit disappointed to realize that the only ones eligible for this fab-sounding series are 4-8 year olds. Sometimes it seems like they get to have all the fun. At Yoga Storytelling, Story Warriors  (that’s what they call your little ones over at Everyman) learn to combine yoga poses, breath, and relaxation with the art of storytelling as they recount and rework traditional fairy tales while learning to embody and release the emotions of their characters.  It’s an 8-week session, and kids can sign up for all of it, or for single classes. They’ll develop new ways of getting into a story and working with characters as well as their own emotions. Best of all, parents and family members are welcome to stay for the class, (as long as they are ready to participate with the group), so there’s at least some consolation for those of us who wish we were getting our time in the downward dog spotlight.

Yoga Storytelling takes place at Everyman Theatre (315 W. Fayette Street in Baltimore) on Sundays starting January 10th. For more information, visit

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