Zeke’s Coffee Brings Us Kopi Luwak

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Kopi Luwak

catch of the day fish (2)If you’re given to foodie-ish tendencies, or you’re one of those who easily goes in for specialty, rarely-imported delicacies, you’ve probably heard of Kopi Luwak. No, that’s not a character from the next Star Wars release. It’s the (in)famous coffee variety that’s so perfectly processed, so hard to come by, and so delicately flavored that it could only come from one place– the digestive tract of the Asian palm civet, which, if you didn’t know, is a small, tree-dwelling mammal akin to a squirrel or weasel. Yes, that’s right. This prized coffee variety gets its unmatched, coveted flavor by passing all the way through another animal’s digestive system. And now, Zeke’s is bringing it to Baltimore. As the bumper stickers around town indicate, we here in Baltimore are fueled by Zeke’s. We know this coffee company, and we trust them. That’s why why line up at the farmer’s market week after week just to get our fix. So, if they’re pushing a $10 cup of post-Asian palm civet coffee, who are we to argue? This special event will take place on Sunday, January 11th, with a variety of tasting times to choose from. Tickets are selling fast (yes, really) so if your interest is at all piqued, we recommend making a reservation now. For those wanting to wash this unique cup of joe down with a hearty brunch, Maggie’s Farm will be open all day and there are rumors of (not predigested) specials to be had there, as well.

This Zeke’s Coffee event will be held at 3003 Montebello Terrace in Baltimore on Sunday, January 11th. For more information or tickets, visit www.zekescoffee.com.


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