Zumba at DeJon Vineyards

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catch of the day fish (2)You know that here at Catch of the Day we’re all about National Health and Fitness Month (that’s May, just so you know). We’re into getting active, being healthy, and that indescribable endorphin rush you get after a really good workout. But you know what we’re also into? Leisure. The simple pleasure of relaxing, kicking back, and enjoying spring. Oh yes—and we really appreciate how much easier that is when you’ve got a glass of good wine in hand. Now, for those who see this as even the slightest contradiction—sweat and toil vs. indulgent sloth—might we direct your attention to the genius of DeJon Vineyards, and their combo Zumba/wine-tasting evening this Friday.

Yes, that’s right. DeJon has combined one of the most popular new exercise crazes, Zumba, with wine tastings for an evening so full of excellence that we’re almost afraid our sensory intake systems might have a meltdown. But no matter. We’re in. If you’ve never done Zumba before, we’ll liken it to karaoke. From the outside, you might think, “why are those people doing that? They seem to be having a great time, but I don’t totally get it. And also, I’m kind of shy.” But then…you try it. And once you do, you get it. Because it’s basically the most fun thing ever invented. DeJon’s Zumba class is taught by Maria, (a fabulous instructor) and is followed by a full wine tasting of the vineyard’s offerings. The evening begins around 5:45. The class starts at 6pm and goes for 90 minutes. After that, you’re free to mingle, snack (BYO) and taste, taste, taste. We know people spend years developing a taste for which wines go well with which foods, but it seems that here, DeJon has figured out a pretty prefect (and simple) pairing.

The Zumba class at DeJon Vineyards takes place Friday, May 17 at 6pm (doors open at 5:45). For more information and directions, visit www.dejonvineyard.com.

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