Esquire Says Baltimore “Looks Like a Movie Set”

Freddie Gray
Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray’s fatal injury while in police custody and the ensuing protests have been getting national attention.

In a blog post at Esquire Tuesday evening, John Hendrickson points out that a photo (from Justin Fenton) of mounted police in front of utterly dilapidated rowhomes makes Baltimore look like a movie set. He waxes poetic:

“Thin, airy, flimsy facades—the type of structures that your eye only catches in passing when you’re focusing on something else. Those fake movie houses line fake streets that heavily flood on the rare days that it rains hard in California. The streets flood because there’s no sewer system to catch run-off; there’s no sewer system because nobody actually lives there. The doors flap like mad when it’s windy because none of them are locked—most don’t even have knobs when they’re not filming. Even the manhole covers are for decoration. That’s what the guides tell you when you take the tour. It’s all a little surreal to see up close, and it looks very much like the above photo, which was taken this afternoon.”

If you don’t like that comparison, you’re going to hate the next one. “And in the video below,” Hendrickson writes, “Baltimore looks like Ferguson, Staten Island, Cleveland, and countless other American cities over the past year.”

He’s referring to video of the protest (also via Fenton). See it all here.