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Brochin calls for recount in narrow Baltimore County executive Democratic primary

Images via Twitter/John Olszewski Jr. campaign website

Sorry, Baltimore County Dems, but it could be at least another week before you know your official candidate for this fall’s county executive general election.

Baltimore City Council members grill fire chief on video, cooperation on fire code issue

Firefighters anchor down a tiller on Maryland Avenue on June 19. Screenshot from Baltimore City Fire Department video.

For more than an hour Tuesday, city council members questioned the Baltimore fire chief about the motive and message behind a controversial video that firefighters made in June to try to demonstrate the challenges bike lanes present for fire apparatus on narrow streets.

WaPo: Former First Mariner Bank division now an exemplar of predatory lending

The 1st Mariner Bank Building in 2008. Photo by Michael A. Dean, via Wikimedia Commons.

Mariner Finance LLC, a former consumer finance division of First Mariner Bancorp, the bank founded by Edwin F. Hale Sr. whose headquarters once dominated the Canton skyline, is now a leader in predatory loans that are a “way of monetizing poor people,” according to an investigation by The Washington Post.

Maryland Law Enforcement Dials Up Distracted Driving Enforcement


Distracted driverBy now, most drivers understand that using a cellphone while driving is distracting. Whether the driver is using the phone to text, surf the internet, or place a call, it takes the driver’s eyes off of the road and focuses his or her attention elsewhere. However, there are other examples of distracted driving that can be just as deadly – including eating and fumbling with the radio. Maryland law enforcement took the month of April, which is also Distracted Driving Awareness Month, as an opportunity to increase its focus on cutting down the number of distracted driving accidents.

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Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Finds Maryland Drug Price Law Unconstitutional


Court Ruling

Sponsored content – The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals handed drug manufacturers a victory in April when it ruled that Maryland’s drug price law, which was designed to limit massive increases in drug prices, was a violation of the Commerce Clause and therefore unconstitutional. The decision is big for drug manufacturers because it gives them a favorable ruling which can be used to challenge the laws like the one in Maryland that have been enacted in other states.

2018 Primary Election: The Conaways keep on Conaway-ing

Former city councilwoman and Register of Wills Belinda Conaway (left) and Del. Frank Conaway Jr.

Another election, another year where the last vestiges of the Conaway political dynasty manage to maintain power.

2018 Primary Election: How did money play into Baltimore City Senate races?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Though the results aren’t yet certified, it appears Baltimore City’s Senate Delegation will be looking quite different in Annapolis next January following last night’s election. Three of the city’s six seats appear to have changed hands Tuesday, with younger challengers—all of them current city delegates—toppling their older counterparts.

Baltimore Fishbowl’s 2018 Primary Election live blog


Welcome to Baltimore Fishbowl’s live blog of the primary elections! The day where Marylanders choose their political party’s candidate ahead of the November general election was not without its head-scratching drama, as machines didn’t work and polling places got shuffled around. Oh, and an estimated 80,000 people were affected by a Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) computer glitch that failed to register changes in people’s address or party affiliation; those impacted by the snafu were told to cast provisional ballots.

Polls across the state are closing at 8 p.m., but here in Baltimore, some locations are staying open until 9 p.m. as a result of some of the aforementioned confusion.

We’re going to keep you updated on the latest results and, hopefully, provide some context and analysis as the returns roll in.

2018 Primary Election Day shenanigans: Broken machines, relocated polling places and more


This morning’s primary election began with the news that 80,000 voters would have to cast provisional ballots after the Maryland State Board of Elections said it did not receive address changes from the Motor Vehicle Administration. That number was an increase from an initial estimate that the glitch would affect 18,700 voters. Yikes.

As with other vote-casting days, some people encountered long lines and other foul-ups, including confusion over the aforementioned provisional ballots. Here’s a roundup of what citizens and candidates are reporting on social media.