Hot Plate: Baltimore City restaurants reopen, neighborhoods rally around their restaurants, cooking classes go virtual and more

On Thursday nights, Guinness Open Gate Brewery is screening movies – complete with snacks and beers – in a heated outdoor tent.

This week is a big one for Baltimore restaurants – and not just because every restaurant in the region has taken full advantage of the Bernie meme. Who knew Bernie Sanders and his mittens would be such a fan of outdoor dining in Charm City?

Whether or not Bernie makes it to any Baltimore restaurants this week, there’s a lot for locals to enjoy. Here’s a look at what’s happening:

Hot Plate: Ravens gameday specials, Lib’s Grill virtual wine dinner, Rally Around the Restaurants and more

The Ravens face off against the Bills on Saturday night and local restaurants are ready with tons of gameday specials – including a lot of wings. We prefer the Old Bay variety over Buffalo…this weekend, at least.

Despite COVID limitations, this week is a fun one in the Baltimore restaurant community, with Ravens playoff specials, a few ways to give back while eating and drinking well, and lots of new menus to peruse.

Here’s a look at what’s happening around town:

Behind on Your Utility Bill? Have a Turn-Off Notice? Here’s What To Do

Maryland utilities have sent out hundreds of thousands of utility bill Turn-Off notices. There is help.

If your utility bill’s past due balance is adding up during the pandemic, you’re not alone. Here’s some good news: Maryland and the regulated utilities — like BGE, Pepco, and Delmarva — took decisive steps to help residential customers. Managing the process can be tricky, so we’ve gathered the inside scoop to keep your power on and ease your family’s energy burdens.

Cooking for One


So far my high hopes for 2021 seem like major magical thinking, though I guess there is still a lot of year left. I only wish I felt like the captain of my destiny. I wish I could let go of everything that sucked about last year and start fresh in a completely different place. Like a remote beach in Thailand, perhaps.

Probably there is some way that these aches could be translated into New Year’s resolutions — off to Thailand! someday! — but resolve is the thing I need to resolve about. I feel like a blob. I haven’t had that thought in a long time but I used to have it all day every day in my early adolescence, when everything about me, physically, mentally, and emotionally seemed to be a hopeless sloppy mess. It’s nice to feel connected to my younger self. Depression as nostalgia.

I have been dreaming often about my parents; last night I was going back and forth with my dad about mailing a box of books I left in the house on Dwight Drive. It amazes me how they live inside me forever, the way I Dream of Jeannie and Larry Hagman lived in the TV when I was seven, putting on their show for us once a week and never changing a bit. To think that the premise of that show was a grown woman living in a bottle wearing a velvet brocade brassiere, unloved love slave to an idiot astronaut, never using her magic powers to change her own life — oy. And how we adored this show! Who can believe it even existed in our lifetime?

Hot House: Elegant, historic Knabe House in Mt. Vernon hits market for first time in 21 years


829 Park Avenue, Mt. Vernon, Baltimore

Hot House: Historic Knabe House once the home to the Knabe family, who owned the house from 1885 to 1906. Seven bedrooms, six baths, 12,670 square feet. Totally restored. Asking price: $1.2 million.

Hot Plate: playoff bagels at THB, Foreman Wolf taking over The Milton Inn, food trucks in Dundalk and more

Purple bagels are back at THB – available Friday through Sunday, as long as the Ravens remain in the playoffs.

The holiday season – and all of its gluttony – is behind us but there are still many reasons to dine out (or carry out). Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the Baltimore restaurant world:

Spilling the T


When University of Baltimore MFA student Joshua Cole decided to transition, he suddenly felt motherless. Then one day, Coretta showed up…

I don’t believe in ghosts. Most days, I barely believe in Jesus. But ask me about my faith in fairy godmothers, and I’ll crack a smile as wide as Wyoming. You see, earlier this year I was issued my very own fairy godmother. Ms. Etta Coretta is her name. Six feet, three inches of midnight royalty, a drag queen of the highest order. Her liquid eyeliner makes her green eyes pop like four-leaf clovers on LSD. High-heeled in halter-cut gowns—that woman knows how to dress. She speaks hard truths swaddled in blankets of kindness, but she’s quick to call me on my bullshit. Ms. Etta Coretta’s the badass bitch you want in your corner. She’s the momma I wish I had.

What sold and what didn’t: A 2020 Hot House round-up


If you don’t already know, the real estate market is hot right now, due to a number of factors. Interest is near historically low rates, sometimes as low as two percent.

People have been stuck at home for almost a year and have realized that they either don’t have enough room or have too much room. Or else they are just sick of their living spaces. The forced togetherness has exposed cracks in relationships and couples are splitting up and one or both need a new place to live.

As the year comes to a close, we take a look at the hottest of the Hot Houses we profiled in 2020 and bring you up to date on what’s happened to them.

Hot Plate: new digs for Alma Cocina Latina, Dutch Courage turns one, New Year’s Eve options and more

Alma Cocina Latina will open for carryout on New Year’s Eve and then for good (still for carryout) on Jan. 5.

This is the last Hot Plate of 2020 – and what a year it has been for Baltimore’s restaurants and the people who love them.

Pivot was the word of the year, as restaurateurs made changes on the fly and adjusted their business models to stay afloat. Even with those efforts, fallout from the pandemic lead to many beloved spots closing for good.

As the year winds down, there’s still time to support the restaurant community – to say goodbye to 2020 with a culinary bang. Here’s a look at how you can do just that:

Hot Plate: Christmas in Mexico from The Charmery and Clavel, Just Call Me Chef at Hollins Market, Christmas meals and more

The Charmery and Clavel’s annual Christmas in Mexico collab is back this year, with COVID-friendly takehome boxes.

Between Wednesday’s Winter Wonderland snowfall and the upcoming holidays, Baltimore is a festive town right now – despite the ongoing pandemic. Though COVID-19 challenges continue to make business difficult for local restaurateurs, this week, there are plenty of ways to support your favorite local eateries and some good news to celebrate along the way.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up: