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The full-time staff of Baltimore Fishbowl: Advertising Sales Director Nicole Allen, Publisher & Founder Susan Gerardo Dunn, Managing Editor Brandon Weigel, and Senior Editor Ethan McLeod.

Baltimore Fishbowl has been in business for nearly eight years. We take pride in that fact, especially because in that time other popular media products such as The Urbanite, The City Paper, The Baltimore Messenger, and The Baltimore Beat have folded. We understand why.

Our readers understand why and over the years, many have asked how to support Baltimore Fishbowl. Now we have an answer: Become a member. Most of our readers will not become members and that’s okay. We aren’t relying solely on membership to pay the bills.

Currently, we rely heavily on our two editors, Brandon Weigel and Ethan McLeod, to cover all breaking news. We have a small freelance budget for a few more stories, but there are always more stories to cover.  As consumers of our news, it makes sense that your money should go toward providing more stories and we promise to do so with the money you donate.

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We’ll also give you a few perks to show our gratitude:

Giveaways. Exclusive offers from local businesses that we’ll pass along to members via private email.

Member opinion. Each month, we’ll poll our membership on an important Baltimore issue and publish the results in the Baltimore Fishbowl.

Other surprises. This part’s members-only, so sign-up to become a member and we’ll send you the details.

Thanks for supporting Baltimore Fishbowl. We’re here to stay.

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*note: Membership contributions and donations to Baltimore Fishbowl are NOT tax deductible.

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