1,100 City Parking Spaces to Be Marked for the Disabled

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Right now, a handicapped placard earns a driver the right to park anywhere in Baltimore City free of charge. Problem is, that deal has made the placards very attractive to thieves. In fact, around 2,000 were stolen in 2012. So the city is switching things up.

Under the new plan, 200 parking spaces in the city will be designated handicapped-only (with more spaces being so designated over the next 18 months), and motorists who use those spots will have to pay a meter.

It certainly sounds like a better deal for handicapped drivers — in that, you know, they may now actually have a shot at parking close to their destination.

Some non-handicapped drivers are clutching their chests at the prospect. But I think everything is going to be OK.

The 1,100 spots to be reserved is proportional to the percentage of handicapped Baltimore drivers. Plus, the use of the spaces will be monitored to see where they are most needed and where they may be unnecessary.

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