50 Cent Punches Female Fan in Baltimore, Then Invites Her to Dance Onstage

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Still via YouTube/TMZ

Curtis Jackson III, known to most as 50 Cent, stopped at Baltimore Soundstage to perform on Saturday. In an odd twist of events, the world-famous rapper punched a female fan who pulled him off the stage, then made her a peace offering by letting her come up to dance.

50 Cent was here touring with The LOX as part of their national tour.

In a crystal-clear video from TMZ, the rapper stepped to the edge of the stage and offered dap/high fives to fans. However, one female fan was so excited about the interaction that she yanked the rapper by the wrist, causing him to lose his balance. As he was falling, 50 Cent cocked his arm back and took a swing at the woman’s chest. The ugly strike coincided with the sound of a blaring horn.

The group surrounding the girl can be heard booing as security personnel pull 50 Cent back and step down to check on the woman’s welfare. Seconds later, the rapper says into the mic, “Come on, tell her to come over here. Tell her come here.” Beckoning with his hand, he receives the gently crowdsurfed fan and, once she’s onstage, whispers something into her ear.

Evidently, the opportunity was enough to appease her for the evening. A cutaway in the clip shows her twerking before hundreds in the crowd shortly afterward.

Time will tell if Jackson receives a summons to return to Baltimore to address the incident in court, but as of Tuesday, a search of online court records shows the woman hasn’t filed any charges.

The incident adds a new chapter to the rapper-turned-entrepreneur’s mixed-bag story with Baltimore. Much like his 2005 “Baltimore Love Thing,” which was 99-percent likely about heroin, the confrontation sheds a negative light on 50’s travels to Charm City.

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