Mysterious Mammals Spotted Trailside Near Lake Roland

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Visitors to Baltimore’s Lake Roland Park should be on the lookout for wild animals along the trail–but the wildlife may not look like what you expect.

As part of the state’s Art on the Trail initiative, a program that funds trailside art installations, you’ll now find several animal sculptures that resemble small topiaries of a fox, deer, and squirrel. “The paradox is that nature, though natural, feels unnatural,” writes artist Christine Stoddard. “Seen as rare and mysterious, wild animals often take on a mythological quality in the minds of urban and suburban dwellers. What they may not realize is that wildlife is everywhere.” The three animal sculptures are covered in local flora, and will remain until they decompose back into the earth.

The animal sculptures join several other trailside artworks, including piles of white stones, spooky feather sculptures hung from tree branches, and scarfs wrapped around trees. The best thing about a winter hike? Without all that foliage, it’s easier to spot the trailside sculptures.

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