A Renovation Story Part 2: HOAs

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When doing a remodeling project within a condo complex like Devon Hill, don’t forget to check in with your condo association before any construction starts to make sure your grand vision is in line with what the Association will allow.

“As a condo owner who wants to remodel, you have to walk a fine line between what you want to do with your home and what you’re allowed to do. It’s important to work side by side with the association to avoid any confusion.” – Joanne Larson

Each association has its own set of rules and restrictions (often referred to as CC&Rs) to protect the property values and in the case of Devon Hill, to preserve the beauty and integrity of the building. In addition they ensure that any renovation is not impinging on other owners’ safety and comfort. Some are stricter that others, but cover things like:

  • work to the systems inside your condo, such as ventilation or electrical;
  • changes to the structure of the space, i.e. removing walls;
  • matters outside, such as parking and dumpster use during construction;
  • choices in certain materials;
  • guidelines around dangerous pollutants, such as lead paint and asbestos.

It’s a complicated business. On one hand, you’re an owner. The property is in your name, you are responsible for it, pay taxes on it, and have a say on what goes on there. On the other hand, your property is within the confines of a condo corporation, and so they, too, have a certain responsibility and say over what happens within their domain. Your ceiling impacts you neighbor’s floor and visa versa.

Here are some things condo owners should do before they start renovating or remodeling: Click to read more of this great post from the Whit Harvey Group.

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