A Tale of Two Chefs

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David Newman and Ray Kumm, former and current executive chefs at The Brewer’s Art. Photo by Steve Ruark.

Courtesy Bmore Media – Chef shuffles and personnel shake-ups are a normal, everyday part of the frenetic restaurant world. But it’s a phenomenon worth noting when the executive chef of a well-respected, popular local establishment leaves his post and his replacement decides to take things in a totally new culinary direction.

And that’s exactly what has happened at the nationally recognized Brewer’s Art in Mount Vernon, named by Esquire magazine as one of the best bars in America. Chef David Newman took the restaurant from a 21 to a 25 Zagat food rating (out of a possible 30) in his four years there with his American Southern food and Asian fusion. He left in late August (under amicable terms) in search of a space to call his own.

He was replaced by Ray Kumm, former executive chef of Federal Hill’s BlueGrass Tavern. And Kumm is determined to put his own, very different, culinary stamp on the venerable institution.

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