Acupuncture clinic Mend is opening a new location at Quarry Lake

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Mend’s administrative offices in Hampden. Photo by Ethan McLeod.

Baltimore acupuncture provider Mend is opening a new clinic at Pikesville’s Quarry Lake development, adding to its locations in North Baltimore’s Remington neighborhood and on York Road in Lutherville.

Owner Sarah O’Leary, whose business specializes in Chinese medicine ranging from acupuncture to herbal remedies, announced the forthcoming location in an email to clients on Thursday.

“By expanding access to our group in a new corner of Maryland we expand access to ease,” she wrote. She nodded to her company’s beginnings in Hampden, noting, “The reach has gone beyond what I alone could do in a single treatment room 12 years ago in our first location but the purpose has remained the same—ease and connection.”

The Quarry Lake clinic will be larger than all the others, she noted, and have a larger community treatment room (in which a single practitioner treats multiple patients seated in chairs) than the other community room currently offered in Remington. Its size will allow room for a Chinese herb pharmacy, spaces for other treatments like massage and cupping (of Michael Phelps fame) and workshops and training sessions for patients.

“For many years we, in a very intentional way, have sort of excluded a lot of other services, just to focus on how to introduce acupuncture to a contemporary American audience,” O’Leary said on a phone call Friday. “And now we want to bring in more of what I would say are the legs of the stool in Chinese medicine.”

That will include educating clients on more in-depth areas, like how certain treatments follow changes in the seasons or the Chinese calendar. “From a larger context of self care, I think people will be interested in tapping into some of that knowledge,” she said.

O’Leary and a team of six other practitioners will staff the Quarry Lake location. The business employs 11 practitioners in all across its three clinics. Mend converted its flagship Hampden outpost from a community clinic to administrative offices last February.

“Thank you for growing with us and supporting us along the way,” O’Leary wrote in her message to patients. “We are so excited to continue our mission of ease and connection in a new neck of the woods.”

She said the Pikesville location will have a “soft opening” in December, after which they’ll plan to do more events throughout the winter. The clinic is already taking appointments.

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