Heather’s passion for architecture and design was literally bred into her. With a talented builder as her mother, Heather grew up frequenting open houses, salvage yards and job sites. After graduating from the Bryn Mawr School, she migrated south to Clemson University and eventually planted her roots in her second favorite city, Charleston, SC, becoming the art director for a children’s book publishing company. Heather enjoyed the creativity but felt unfulfilled sitting behind a desk. Craving a change, she often envisioned a career in real estate. In 2008, she returned to Baltimore with her Lowcountry love and now husband, Jared, and joined the Krauss team to pursue that calling. Heather does not think of real estate as sales; instead, she views it to be more like matchmaking. Impeccable listening skills and honest guidance allows her to build lasting relationships with her clients. Heather believes that strength in negotiating requires a delicate touch and has found great success infusing positivity and camaraderie into her transactions. A natural go-getter, she enjoys the opportunity to creatively seek out houses for her buyers. Real estate is Heather’s true passion, and she feels very blessed to wake up inspired every day.

Now, as a wife and mother of two kids, Hazel and Mick, Heather has learned how to seamlessly meld her demanding career with her family life. 2015 was an eye-opening year when her son was born with unexpected health complications. Mick’s birth brought a lot of perspective to Heather’s family as they were quickly reminded just how precious life is. Heather has truly grown through this journey and she is extremely grateful for life’s lessons and the way they’ve shaped her. Now traveling to Ohio for medical care, the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus has become an incredibly special resource to her entire family; one for which Heather has endless gratitude. A true believer in paying it forward, she has now dedicated herself to giving back here in Baltimore at the local Ronald McDonald House where she serves as both a member of the Women’s Committee and as an RMH Ambassador. Life is certainly full, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Get to know Heather: 

I’d rather be… In the presence of animals. I cannot imagine my life without the company of pets.

Favorite Season? I honestly cannot decide. I love aspects of each season but what I think I love most is the change. As each season is coming to an end, I’m ready for the next. So, I just love seasons in general. I spent six years in South Carolina and while the weather was amazing, I craved the changing seasons much more than I expected.

What are you passionate about? Interior design. I’ve always been artistic and interior design is now my creative outlet. I am currently in the process of redoing our house and my goal is for each space to be thought provoking, inspiring and uplifting.

What is your totem animal? Eagle

What is your best habit? Saying I love you. I make a point to sincerely say I love you often to my family. Growing up, it wasn’t a phrase that we used that often and I feel it’s important to verbalize the feeling of love. I now often hear my two little ones tell each other they love one another unprompted, which is the sweetest thing to witness.

What is your worst habit? Staying up late. Every morning I say I’m going to go to bed early that night. I know I need to work on this and my body is certainly craving more shuteye, but for some reason each night I fall back into my night owl ways.

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