Oh, “Thong Song.” The late 90s anthem is so stupid it’s also kind of brilliant in its celebration of decadent, pre-9/11 exhilaration–and did you know that it has Baltimore roots?

Yep, Mr. Thong Song himself–a.k.a. Sisqo, a.k.a. Mark Althavean Andrews–grew up in Baltimore (and according to

— Kevin Nguyen (@knguyen) April 5, 2014 ” target=”_blank”>this guy on Twitter, he still lives here! and is on Tinder!). His connection to the city is so strong that he cut off his signature platinum blond hair as a “symbol of support” for the city after the death of Freddie Gray in police custody.

And believe it or not, as of this summer, “Thong Song” is 15 years old. To commemorate this anniversary, the goofballs over at WTMD asked seven Baltimore musicians to record covers and/or interpretations of Sisqo’s hit. The musicians range from experimenters like Horse Lords (featuring Matmos) and Soft Pink Truth to a whispery, flute-inflected take by Wing Dams, to a track by the up-and-coming Baltimore rapper TT the Artist.

Like I said: It’s all the “Thong Song” you’ll ever need.