One of the 20,000 high schoolers receiving “financial help” from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is Annapolis resident Trevor Queen. The overachieving senior is one of the newest recipients of the Gates Millennium Scholarship — which promises to fund his undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies up to a million bucks.

And it looks like Queen will take full advantage of the money as he plans to pursue a career in law, which will begin at Morehouse College in Georgia.

Man, if I had a million dollars I could spend only on schooling, I’d never quit. By the time the million dollars ran out I’d probably need a government program to help reintegrate myself into society. And if I found I couldn’t hack it in the real world, I’d build a makeshift hut out of my framed degrees and live in the woods. But that’s probably just me. I’m sure Trevor will do fine.