Voice for Life, an anti-abortion student group at Johns Hopkins, will soon be able to raise money on campus, publicize events, and conduct “sidewalk counseling” sessions. The controversial group was officially recognized by the Student Government Association yesterday after student legislators had initially voted to deny the group full privileges.

The group sees making the anti-abortion argument to future doctors and nurses as a large part of its mission. But they’ll also work to discourage female students from having abortions and engage in some “non-confrontational” interactions outside clinics. (Which I could picture turning confrontational pretty quickly, just saying.)

The group, which had gone inactive in 2010, was revived this year by freshman Andrew Guernsey. Another freshman, Monica Rex, is vice president. Now, surely not everyone’s views become more progressive in their college years, but I can’t help but wonder whether these students’ opinions on abortion might change, especially as they meet more real people in their “sidewalk counseling” sessions.