Apartment Building Evacuated Over ‘Misuse of Household Cleaners’

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Maryland Army National Guard Servicemembers Staff Sgt. Edward Graham and Spc. Sherie Peeks were honored by the Baltimore County Fire Department for their actions during the Dundalk Fire Station fire Feb. 10, 2010. Along with 13 firefighters and EMS personsel they were presented Executive Citations from Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith and also received Hero Pins. Photos by Spc. Thaddeus Harrington, Maryland National Guard Public Affairs Office.

An apartment building in Cockeysville had a strange odor this morning, prompting an evacuation. An everyday item turned out to be the source.

According to Baltimore County police, about 15 people were evacuated from the apartment building on Snowdrift Court around 7:30 a.m. Thursday. The fire department summoned a hazmat scene to investigate because someone in the building reported a strange odor.

The fire department later characterized the cause as a “misuse of household cleaners” caused by a mix of the products. According to CBS Baltimore, the smell was so bad it caused some residents to choke.

No one was hurt, and the residents were let back into the building. Though it will never be used again, we’re left wondering: Just how potent was this cleaning mixture, and does it work on even the worst stains?

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