Plans for Port Covington winding through the official city channels, but Kevin Plank’s vision for the South Baltimore neighborhood isn’t limited to development.

In Bloomberg Businessweek, Baltimore Fishbowl Senior Editor Rachel Monroe reports on Plank’s twin goal of beating Nike and helping Baltimore at the same time. Plank believes the answer lies in changing manufacturing. In Port Covington, Under Armour already has a new facility called The Lighthouse up and running to do just that.

Company officials said Under Armour has the resources to introduce technology and advanced manufacturing, and believe the still-growing company is not entrenched enough in its ways to resist the change that they will bring. Plank hopes the new processes can help the company bring manufacturing back to the U.S., with the company’s home city of Baltimore being a starting point.

“What I really want to do in life is to build the baddest brand on the planet,” Plank tells Monroe. “I would love to do that at the same time as anchoring it in a city that could really use a hug. It seems like such a waste for us not to take advantage of the momentum that Under Armour has right now.”

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