Under Armour’s Kevin Plank Is 2nd Best CEO of 2014

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If it weren’t for that pesky Elon Musk, Baltimore’s very own Kevin Plank would be the top CEO of 2014, according to the BBC.

Though he’s not rocketing people into space, Plank still had a very good year. He saw Under Armour, the athletic apparel company he helms, overtake Adidas to become the second most-popular sports clothing company in the U.S. The company’s stock rose 56% last year, after shooting up 80% in 2013.

The BBC doesn’t mention it, but Under Armour is also committed to giving back to its home city. In 2014, the company donated fancy new gyms to Baltimore’s firehouses and uniforms to every Baltimore City high school sports player. We’re happy to have him in town.

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