Awkward Alert: Creepy OB/GYN Featured in “Top Doctors” Magazine

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Let’s say you’re a doctor with a drug problem… and a sleeping with patients problem… and maybe also a photographing patients problem, too. You might worry that these problems could have a negative impact on your business — but never fear! Just buy some space in Baltimore Magazine’s “Top Doctors'” issue, and everyone will forget all about those unpleasantries. Right? RIGHT?

The Baltimore Sun’s Julie Scharper spotted the now-infamous Dr. John Yacoub in an ad on page 226 of Baltimore Mag’s Top Docs issue, which was published this month; he is “looking thoughtfully into the distance” near a blurb testifying to his “high-quality, cutting-edge care.” Yeah…

Needless to say, Yacoub didn’t make it onto the magazine’s official list of the best doctors in the area. (Those doctors are selected by their peers.) It’s unlikely that anyone will actually be fooled by Yacoub’s attempt to sell himself in the issue’s special advertising section, especially since (as Scharper astutely points out), Yacoub’s bragging ad includes a grammatical error as well. Awkward indeed.

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