Baltimore Bar Accepts Bitcoin Payments

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You’ve heard of Bitcoins, yes? They’re the digital currency with the wildly varying exchange rate (on January 5 of last year, 1 Bitcoin was worth $13.36; by late November, one Bitcoin went for $1124.76). I’ve never been quite clear on what exactly you’re supposed to do with your Bitcoins (assuming you can mine some), other than hoard them — but if you’re lucky enough to have a stockpile, you now have one real-world way to spend your digital money: paying for your bar tab at Bad Decisions in Fells Point.

According to Wikipedia, only about a thousand brick-and-mortar stores accept Bitcoins nationwide, and folks on Reddit have been claiming that Bad Decisions is the only place in the Baltimore-Washington region where you can actually trade your Bitcoins for real-life goods and services. Pretty cool. Watch the video below to see the bar’s first ever beer-for-Bitcoins transaction. Do we live in the future or what?

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