Baltimore City College Students Stage Anti-Trump Protest

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Photo by Henry Bethell
Photo by Henry Bethell/@henrygannett

Protests in Baltimore against Donald Trump’s election to the White House didn’t stop when crowds dispersed last night. Today, some of the city’s high schoolers at Baltimore City College joined in on voicing their discontent.

The gathering was organized by BCC Bloc, which describes itself as a “political grassroots collective of students against social injustice in Baltimore.” The group of City College students assimilated their peers for a sit-in in the auditorium during the final period of the day. They then walked to the outside grounds of the school, where they chanted in unison. One chorus went as follows: “It is our duty to fight for our freedom; it is our duty to win; we must love and support each other; we have nothing to lose but our chains.”

A student from the group live-streamed the whole event on BCC Bloc’s Facebook page. Pictures of the protest appeared on Twitter and Instagram.

After the protest ended, a student outside the school confirmed around 3:15 p.m. that classmates had gathered to voice their displeasure with Trump. She said that the protest ended about an hour before and that school staff had rounded up them up by calling a fire drill, even though she said there were no fire trucks outside.

A spokesperson for Baltimore City Schools did not return a call on Friday afternoon requesting comment on the protest.

City College students have made headlines for their activism before. In January 2015, students linked up with Baltimore Bloc and marched to Baltimore City Schools headquarters to protest funding cuts and police-involved killings of black men in Ferguson, Mo., and New York, per City Paper. This past spring, they also organized a weeklong boycott of their uniforms in favor of clothing with “historical, cultural or political significance,” according to the Sun.

This time around, they’re joining many others with their cause. In the days ahead, Baltimore may see more of its residents gather to share their displeasure with President-Elect Donald Trump.

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