From left to right, Ciera Luck, Felicia Mosely- Putman, Tashauna Fisher, and Jason Ford are Claremont High School students. Photo by Zshekinah Collier/WYPR.

Baltimore City Public School students inside Claremont Middle and High School gathered on Friday to learn the fundamentals of computer coding. High school senior Felicia Mosely-Putman stood in the hallway of Claremont with green and purple tiles from Sphero Kits.

“It’s fun and I hope we keep doing it,” said Mosely-Putman.

She worked together with seniors Jason Ford, Tashauna Fisher, and Ciera Luck on the project during computer science education week where students dedicate one hour each day to learn computer coding.

Ford chimed in, “It’s fun, we enjoy coding and working with different people.”

National non-profit awarded $10,000 each to Claremont and Maree G. Farring Elementary and Middle School for teachers to purchase new technology and develop computer science courses.

Claremont School is a special placement school and serves nearly 60 students with disabilities.

Principal Theodosia Edwards said computer science courses help students develop new skills and prepare them for life after graduation.

“In order for them also to be able to gain some of the life skills that they need, they need to be exposed to computers, and not just expose to what’s just on YouTube. But ways that they can meaningfully utilize computers and utilize technology,” Edwards said.

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